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Jose-Carlos (JC) Gutierrez-Ramos,

Jose-Carlos (JC) Gutierrez-Ramos,, Ph.D.

Jose‑Carlos Gutiérrez‑Ramos, Ph.D., has served as a director since March 2016. Dr. Gutierrez-Ramos is Vice President of Discovery at AbbVie, Inc. Prior to joining AbbVie, Dr. Gutierrez-Ramos was the founding CEO and President of Cogen Immune Medicine. Previously, he served as chief executive officer and president of Synlogic, Inc., a pharmaceutical company. Prior to joining Synlogic, Dr. Gutiérrez‑Ramos was group senior vice president of Worldwide Research and Development and global head of Biotherapeutics Research and Development at Pfizer Inc., a pharmaceutical company, from 2010 to 2015. Dr. Gutiérrez‑Ramos received a B.S. from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and his Ph.D. in immunochemistry from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Dr. Gutiérrez‑Ramos’ qualifications to sit on the board include his senior executive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including his significant experience in research and development.